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  1. Under no circumstances does the Sportsganiser site, its owners, providers or any associated person, business or organisation, or any other associated entity, bear any responsibility for consequential losses of any kind, however arising, in relation to any person or organisation's use of the Sportsganiser site.
  2. The Sportsganiser service is provided 'as is' and the service provided may vary according to the policies of other internet suppliers and agencies beyond the ordinary control of its providers. Any aspect or feature of the site that does not perform as expected by any user shall be regarded as an experimental feature or as having functionality as defined by its actual performance and behaviour.
  3. Regular data backups will be made by Sportsganiser, such that in the event of any failure of the primary storage medium for league data, all but very recent changes to the data may be restored for use.
  4. Data uploaded to Sportsganiser by a sports league, its clubs or its players remains the property of the relevant league and a copy of any data held must be provided to the league on request. Subject to other conditions as set out below, no data may be intentionally destroyed before a copy of such data has been provided to the league.
  5. Sportsganiser does undertake to provide a service that is of substantial value to the administrators and players of any sports league primarily organised using the Sportsganiser website. Sportsganiser does not undertake to provide a service that is entirely free of error, flaw, or temporary failure and any such failing, or number of such failings, will not in itself constitute a breach of the contract to supply a service that is of substantial value.
  6. The systems and security measures used by the Sportsganiser site have been designed with the intention of making contact information available only to the other registered players in any given league, but it should always be assumed that information uploaded to Sportsganiser is, effectively, being made public.
  7. Any contact information given for the secretaries and other officers of the league, and of participating clubs, is made available to anyone searching online or visiting the Sportsganiser site directly.
  8. Any business arrangement relating to links from the Sportsganiser site to internet-based suppliers of good and services, such as (but in no way limited to) internet-based suppliers of sporting goods and equipment, can be made at the sole discretion of Sportsganiser and any revenues so derived are considered to be and agreed to be due to Sportsganiser alone.
  9. Any revenues raised as a result of the placement of advertising for suppliers of services physically delivered in, or close to, the general vicinity of a participating league's associated geographical area may be retained by the league and used for the benefit of the clubs, teams and players participating in that league.
  10. Advertisements not for local suppliers may be not be placed in the section of the website intended for local suppliers.
  11. Sportsganiser reserves the right to remove any advertisement containing material that may be reasonably be considered to be of possible offence to a majority (or substantial minority) of the other users of the site and to remove any advertisement that it considers damaging to the reputation of the site. The agreement to advertise shall be considered as having been void from its inception.
  12. If there are any errors of grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, spelling or other data entry (such errors being real, or perceived as real) affecting the appearance or functionality of the Sportsganiser site, these errors may be corrected by Sportsganiser without reference to the author, or to any other person or organisation.
  13. Any facility provided for the placement and publishing of photographs and graphics on the Sportsganiser site must be used as intended and not used to show images which are out of character with the nature of a club and social sports league website.
  14. Legal responsibility for the content and nature of any images or written content placed on the Sportsganiser site rests with the author and any person or organisation involved in causing it to be shown. Sportsganiser, even as the provider of the means by which the content or image is shown, does not bear responsibility for the nature of that content or image.
  15. Copyright and ownership of any photograph, graphic, written content or uploaded data remains with the original owner of such rights, but Sportsganiser has the right (in perpetuity) to publish any such photograph, graphic image, written content or data and/or any content derived from it. Sportsganiser has no duty to protect or preserve such content and the copy of any image or any other content held on the site shall be considered to have no value whatsoever.
  16. Any person or group of persons seeking to cause wilful damage to the Sportsganiser site will be forbidden to make any further use of the site and its services. Wherever applicable, a league or participating club must agree to any reasonable measures intended to ensure that such persons have no future access to the site, other than that which is allowed to the public in general.
  17. The service provided by Sportsganiser may be varied at any time, in any particular, where in accordance with the general and ongoing provision of a viable and ongoing league management website for its users. Although Sportsganiser seeks to provide a service that is valued by its users, no obligation exists to provide such service in any particular way or with any particular feature of operation or performance.
  18. The term 'Sportsganiser', wherever used in the above statement of terms and conditions, refers to the providers of the Sportsganiser website and/or the website and any associated systems accessed via the internet, or otherwise associated with the provision of the service.
  19. Any payment made for the use of the Sportsganiser website and associated systems shall not be repayable other than at the discretion of Sportsganiser, subject to all relevant legislation associated with the provision of goods and services (which shall have precedence).
  20. Sportsganiser has the right to communicate directly with club officers in respect of matters relating to Sportsganiser and the use of Sportsganiser.
  21. Sportsganiser reserves the right to vary these conditions in any reasonable and fair way and to add to these conditions or subtract from them, without reference or further notice to any users of the site, leagues or other organisations that may be affected by such changes. Any such changes are applicable as soon as they are made public on the website. In all cases, the terms and conditions that apply will be those displayed at the time of any relevant event or use of the website.

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Date and time : 19th Apr 2024 at 4:45am