Data Protection and Privacy Statement

  • The data held by Sportsganiser is provided to Sportsganiser by competing players, sports clubs and sports leagues for the purposes of organising those leagues, publicising the contact details of those leagues and clubs, arranging matches between teams competing in those leagues and recording the results of matches between teams.
  • Sportsganiser will never disclose personal data or information relating to an individual's use of this site to third parties, other than as constitutes delivery of the service itself.
  • Sportsganiser retains birthday (but not date of birth) information and a three character code (normally being the last three characters of a home postcode) for registered players. Sportsganiser does not store passwords for individuals, other than those used to secure access by named league administrators. League administrator passwords are securely one-way encoded and held securely.
  • The legal basis for the retention and dissemination of information held by Sportsganiser is that this constitutes the provision of the service itself.
  • The information held by Sportsganiser is used to organise league competitions, record the outcomes of matches and produce collations of statistics derived from those match outcomes. This includes the production of statistical charts, divisional tables and player histories.
  • Match outcomes do not constitute personal data and so can be retained in archives of match results. Anyone who has personal data stored on Sportsganiser can ask for it to be removed at any time. Personal data, if removed from the website, will then not be stored in any form of offline data archive for more than six months.
  • Any personal data held by Sportsganiser in respect of an individual will be disclosed to that individual on request.
  • if you wish to make a complaint about how your information has been used by Sportsganiser, please make your initial complaint to us. In the event of our response being unsatisfactory, you should contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Contact details for the ICO are available on their website.