File Match Reports Online

Players send in match reports from any internet-connected device and see the league tables and player stats updated immediately. If the accuracy of a report is disputed, the Away club can query it and revert the tables, pending the resolution of any dispute by the league.

Generate Fixture Schedules Automatically

Pre-season, once details of each club's nominated match nights have been entered, you can create league-wide, fully co-ordinated fixture lists for all of the teams of all the clubs in all of the divisions. Really quickly. And, crucially, this includes the match dates, venue details and start times. The lists take account of each club's fixture capacity and any preferences the club has for playing particular types of matches on certain days of the week (and/or at particular venues), without any overbooking of facilities and as per the match weeks set by the league.

Easy Rearrangement of Fixtures

The initial schedule can easily be amended to accommodate changing circumstances, by club admins (email notifications of any change go to the league). Matches can be rearranged for any date and time acceptable to the clubs (or, if the replacement fixture date isn't yet known, just unarranged). This subject only to the relevant league rules.

Email Notifications

Automated checks ensure clubs and league administrators are made aware of such things as players competing for higher-level as well as lower-level club teams, changes to fixture dates or a match report being filed.

Performance Statistics

Players can see their match stats graphed and team captains can see who has been winning the points.

Manage Player Histories

Sportsganiser runs an automatic check to see if players listed in a match report have been playing in lower-level teams as well as for higher-level teams in the same club. If they do that more times than your league rules allow, you get an email notification.

Use any Internet-Connected Device

Sportsganiser is specifically designed to be used easily on phones and tablets, adapting its layout for the size of screen available. Match reports can be entered and agreed on at courtside - or completed later, with the benefit of full-screen layout on any computer.

Get Players to Matches on Time

Users can tap a button for Google Maps directions to match venues. That's turn-by-turn satnav for every match you want to get to.

Easier League-to-Club Communications

Send one email to all club secretaries, or just to some of them, easily - no need to keep revising a group in your email app. Optionally, attach a file to your messages.

Easy-fill options

No need to type in player names on a match report, just select from the drop-down menus (or choose Autofill).

Validation of All Match Reports

Ensuring that match reports make sense before they are filed.

Get messages out to your league's players directly

Want a lot more players to know when and where the end of season dinner is? Put a message up on the Notices Ticker and it'll be seen by everyone who visits the Home page or looks at the league tables.

Restrict Information

Players log in, easily - they have no passwords to remember - to see fixture dates, match reports and contact info for other teams.

Password-Protected Club Admin

Issue club passwords so that club officers can fill in their own venue details and contact information.

Go Paper and Postage Free

Using Sportsganiser typically costs substantially less than the printing of a League Handbook and can substitute for it.

Know That Your Data is Secure

Sportsganiser is hosted on commercial-spec cloud servers with full data back-ups at least once a day.

Get Help When It's Needed

We will provide enough support for you to get your league online successfully and then keep it running well. Communicate directly with the system developer/DBA if you need to.