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Welcome to Sportsganiser

What is Sportsganiser?

Sportsganiser is an online sports league and match organiser with ongoing tech support. It is a paid-for solution rather than a free one.

If you want to start running your own league on Sportsganiser, contact us.

How much does Sportsganiser cost?

We charge on a basis of 50p for each match included in the end-of-season results tables for your league. Typically, that will be somewhere between £75 and £300 per season. It's approximately the same as the postage charges associated with paper-based match reports.

Why isn't this free?

Sportsganiser is hosted on premium, commercial-spec cloud servers with data back-ups running at least once a day. We also provide enough support to keep everything running smoothly.

How do I register?

Players are registered by their participating clubs. You should find it easy to log in - if not, contact your club secretary and provide them with the ID data they ask you for.

Who files the match reports?

Typically, a match report will be filed by the Home team's captain, but anyone registered as a player for the Home club can file the report. Alternatively, League administrators can file a report on behalf of a club. You need to either be the Away team captain or have club admin privileges to dispute a result.

What's my password?

You don't need a password to log in as a player - just enter the last three characters of your home postcode, and your birthday. Each club is issued with its own password by the league, and you must know this password to access club admin. League administrators log in using a user name and password combination that is unique for each person.

Why can't I see...?

If you can't see a page you're expecting to, you might need to log in as a player or enable club admin. There are four levels of access on Sportsganiser: 'Public', 'Player', 'Club Admin' and 'League Admin'. You'll need the club password (as sent to your club by the league's administrators) to access the Club Admin pages.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes, it does. They are only used in relation to this site and we can not use them to track what you do elsewhere. Sportsganiser would not function without cookies, so by using this site you are giving consent for them to be stored on your device.

Is using Sportsganiser cost-effective?

The costs associated with filing match reports by post are approximately the same as the cost of Sportsganiser. With fixtures, club contact details (and more) listed on Sportsganiser, clubs can avoid the cost of hosting a separate website of their own. Also, because accurate date, time and venue information is shown to both participating teams, it is likely that far fewer matches will have players absent. The cost of Sportsganiser is less than 5p per player per match, whereas the total cost of a mis-arranged fixture can easily be more than two hundred times that. Misunderstandings about fixture dates, times and venues are hugely reduced when you use Sportsganiser.

Why hasn't the result I entered updated the league table?

If you have previously visited the page showing your league table, or have it open in another tab, click the 'Refresh' icon on your internet browser (or press the F5 function key on your keyboard). That will show the latest version of the league table to you. If it still seems that the report you sent is not affecting the table, check the Match Reports for your club to see if the report has been queried by the opposing team - if so, the result will not affect the division table until an Amendment (which may, or may not, involve some changes to the Match Report) is provided by the league.

Is it true I can get turn-by-turn driving instructions to match venues?

Yes, if your phone can use the service provided by Google Maps. This now includes most iPhone and other iOS devices (check if you have the latest version of the free Google Maps app), as well as almost all Android phones. Just tap on the Google Maps link shown beside the fixture listing and take it from there.

Why can't I log in? I'm entering the correct information!

It may be that your club has not registered you yet, or has submitted inaccurate data for your three character code and/or birthday. As a first step, contact your Club Secretary or other relevant club official and provide them with the correct information about the last three letters of your postcode and your birthday. It isn't necessary to give the year of your birth, that's not needed.

I need more help. Who should I get in touch with?

As a first step, ask for help from another player or a club officer who might know the solution to your problem. Failing that, email the relevant League Officer using the address given on the League 'Contacts and Info' page. The relevant person will usually have a title such as Registration Secretary or Match Results Secretary. If you are sure that the problem cannot be resolved at club or league level, contact us at Sportsganiser (you'll find an appropriate link listed under 'Other links' >> 'Sportsganiser').